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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

How Can I trust You?

We hold the view that our clients are best positioned to attest to our services. We encourage you to explore the multitude of positive reviews from our clients to confirm our legitimacy and reputation. Additionally, our organization is registered with the justice department, and our team is always ready to provide you with the necessary credentials upon request.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The timeline for recovering lost cryptocurrency can range from a mere 2 hours to over 3 months. This duration might seem extensive, but it's because we usually complete our preliminary search within the first week of onboarding a client. Once this initial phase is concluded, we retain the backup of the private key and our password hypotheses, persisting in our efforts to retest with each advancement in recovery algorithms and enhancements in our hardware capabilities. This process continues unless a client specifically requests the deletion of their information.

How Does Recovery work?

Adriannotch is an investigative cyber organization that is staffed with industrial specialists who can analyse your case, gather data and information regarding your perpetrators, and catch our scammer tor vou. We don't just stop there, we ensure that the scammer returns 100% of the stolen amount back to the victim. Here at Adriannotch we use a highly integrated and functional process to catch scammers and recover stolen funds. The entire procedure of recovering funds can take between 7-72 hours depending on the nature of your scam case. If you believe funds have been stolen from your account, our team of local experts will get involved and initiate legal action for vou. We aim to make the process easier for you by filing a dispute and fighting the case on your behalf.

Are you Legal Professionals?

Our services are conducted under the oversight of licensed attorneys, primarily engaging a team of legal experts who offer consulting and practical support in the pursuit of filed requests.

Services FAQs

I Deleted My Seed Phrase and My Private Key Can You Help?

Correct. It is mathematically impossible to directly hack the Bitcoin blockchain. However, our approach involves using the bitcoin owner's password guesses to "crack their password. In combination with a private key backup (essentially an encrypted private key), this allows our clients to regain control of their funds

Can You Recover My Scammed or Stolen Wallet?

Yes your lost wallet can be Recovered as long as you qualify for one of our Recovery Services.

What Type Of Crypto Can You Recover?

The types of crypto that we support are expanding every day. At the moment, we support all Crypto token recovery and seed phrase recovery for any type of bip-39 or ERC-20 token, including legacy mnemonics, 13th and 25th words

A How Much Does It Cost?

For Recovery services, we charge a fixed-fee of 10% of the total amount lost, and cost for other services depends on the security bypass requirements

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